WiFi Bluetooth dongle

Product features:


Bluetooth link Bluetooth speakers share wireless music, link Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to solve the problem of cable insertion

Support 2.4G WiFi network, ordinary desktop also wireless Internet

Hotspot sharing, mobile phone sharing, computer network (need to plug in wired network)

Note: the product needs to install the corresponding driver

RTL8723DU driver, bluetooth 4.2+WiFi2.4G 

Uploaded on April 16, 2021. More supported versions will be updated next time 

Bluetooth driver version: rtbluer _ windows _ 887.1016.0701.2019 _ 2.00.263 _ f027 _ lb supports WIN7/8.1 

Bluetooth driver version: rtbluer _ windows10 _ filterdriver _ 1030.3007 _ 0908.2020 _ new _ l supports WIN10 

WIFI driver version: rtlwanu _ windowsdriver _ 1030.41.0514.2020 _ drv _ 3.00.0036 _ ui _ 1.00.0306 supports WIN7/10 

The 8723DU scheme requires an adapter to be inserted to install the Bluetooth driver. After downloading, double-click "Driver_8723DU.exe". 

Then click the first item as WIN7/8.1 Bluetooth driver according to the prompt

The second item is WIN10 Bluetooth driver 

The third item is the WIFI driver of WIN7/10 

You can also browse the CD and install it manually. (Note: Bluetooth and WIFI cannot be used at the same time) 

1) drive download link:

2) Baidu download link:

 Link: :https://pan.baidu.com/s/1maaMewYYZHSLsgLFad9jRA Extraction Code:k1nk

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